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Venta : Ref. 12397
3 Habitaciones 2 Dormitorios 1 Baños


4ª planta - 60M2
Bd de la Resistance - Casablanca

750 000 DH Detalles | Contact
Venta : Ref. 12396
3 Habitaciones 2 Dormitorios 2 Baños


3ª planta - 102M2
Maarif extension - Casablanca

1 200 000 DH Detalles | Contact
Venta : Ref. 12393
4 Habitaciones 3 Dormitorios 2 Baños


6ª planta - 151M2
Barrio les princesses - Casablanca

2 400 000 DH Detalles | Contact
Alquiler : Ref. 12392
3 Habitaciones 1 Dormitorios 1 Baños


5ª planta Con terraza - 76M2
2 Mars - Casablanca

6 000 DH Detalles | Contact


Over the years, Immo Clair Service agency has built a solid reputation as a real estate leader throughout Morocco, a perfect alchemy between a young and dynamic team, with more than 50 years of experience, with a permanent quest: absolute customer satisfaction.

The primary vocation of Immo Clair Service is to defend and serve the interests of consumers and real estate professionals.

Do you have an estate project?
Do you want to sell your properties?
Want to manage your property?
Do you need advice?

Don't hesitate to contact us; we are going to follow you on your approaches from Monday to Saturday by appointment.

Selling, buying, renting, estimating or you simply need advice.

Direcciones Útiles

Immo Clair Service is a member of the Moroccan Association of Real Estate Agencies (AMAI), the one who sets the commission fees for selling and leasing.

Our agency is based on the reference system on real estate prices of the general direction of the taxes available on their website.

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Una selección de herramientas de simulación de crédito para ayudarle a realizar su proyecto de bienes raíces.

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¿Quieres que alguien gestione tus activos? Háblanos de tu proyecto.

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Usted tiene una propiedad a evaluar por un experto certificado por los tribunales de Marruecos.


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